Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Oh goodness sake, are we shocked, Kate Moss is kissing Lea T on the new issue of  Love magazine. No, not really I suppose. Maybe, the 'normal' world is shocked by a super model, who reputation in regards to kissing is not white wash anyway and a super- cool, super- gorgeous transsexual is hotly snogging on the front page of a fashion magazine. I do not understand why people are still shocked by it. As I was writing in an earlier post, fashion is right now fascinated with transsexuality and if it opens up this ' taboo' to the broader public and leads to an open discussion about the problems of transsexuals than it is a good thing. I think it is unfortunately still brave that Lea T did do the Givenchy's ad campaign only if she can talk about transsexual. She said that if you grow up as a transsexual the main issue is you do not know what to live for. Lea T wanted to show transsexuals that if she can do it they can to. That they can be successful and have a great live!  I must say I just find the cover really beautiful and sexy. The kiss looks real and that is important for me.Let's pull down stupid prejudices!!!

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