Tuesday, 18 January 2011


We all know the Sixties was the time where loads of things were going on. In England we had the Beatles, Mary Quant's Mini-skirts and David Hockney. In New York they had the Velvet Underground, Diana Vreeland at Vogue and Andy Warhol. At the end of the Sixties the 'Stars' of Andy Warhol's ' Silver Factory started meeting in a small bar on Park Avenue at Seventeenth Street, called Max's Kansas City. Mickey Ruskin, the restaurant owner was there at the right time at the right place- Punk has still had it's time to come and also Studio 54 was years away. The entry was selected. Ruskin's talent was to 'curate' people. The result was, as Andy Warhol put it: ' Max's Kansas City was the place where Pop Art and pop live came together in New York City at the end of the Sixties'. Artists and musicians came as came the fashion world. There were the photographers and many fashion stars: Appolina van Ravenstein, Donna Jordan. Daniela Morera, Pilar Crespi. 
I just love the photos taken at Max's Kansas during it's heydays from the late 1960's to 1979. To watch these people dressed in their 'best' and partying wild is so amazing. Some of the pictures would not be out of place ind today's ID-magazine or Another....
Patti Smith ca. 1979

Unknown lady ca 1973

The leather t-shirt could be by Neil Barett today- David Johansen and David Bowie ca.1974

Mick Jagger ca. 1972

Angela Bowie and Cyrinda Foxe ca. 1971

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