Thursday, 13 January 2011


After three month now my first ever published photos. That's actually me: The Fashion Philosopher. In an earlier post I took a picture of a bloke who was wearing a fur stole as scarf. Eventually, I got one too. It is a 1950's fur collar. Unfortunately, I had to cut off the little feet dangling off the collar which was terrible. The little feet were ending up on my floor and my cat came in and ( maybe it was just me thinking so ) looking first at the feet then at me in a terrified way. I immediately put the little claws into the litter bin. Sorry, for the gross details... but the result is quite good. It is the first time I am wearing real fur and I must say it is the warmest shawl I have ever had.
Hi, that's me. The Fashion Philosopher.
Actually I was quite surprised I was at ' Maison de Chocolat' ( I know after seeing my pictures it will definitely be the last time in le ' Maison' pour petit moi for a long time ) and the sales lady asked me if it was real fur and if she can touch it. She was fascinated but also I had the feeling little bit disgusted but maybe I should not have told her the story about the little ' feet'.....

Sorry, for the strange look on my face. I am not burping...I just wanted to show off my new trousers from Moelk for Topman.

And again the fur collar style with my winter coat. I know using real fur is a big ethical question in fashion and it might sound superficial but everything which I wear with the fur collar looks suddenly a 'thousand dollars'. Fur instantly magically makes everything looking so much more luxuries and expensive.

Coat: French Connection found on the street
Jumper: H& M Trend Label
Trousers: Moelk for Topman
Shoes: H& M
Beanie: H& M, actually my girl friend beret rolled up on the edges
Fur Collar: 1950's Vintage ( without feet!)
Paisley foulard: Salvation Army 

I hope you enjoyed my first pictures. More will follow.....

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