Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I know this is not one of the newest pictures and although I have a love/ hate relationship with mega retailers, I must say that the khaki military inspired overall from the H& M's trend label collection is one of my favourites for SS 2011. I can see me wearing it with this dark nice blue jacket, trainers or sandals. Wearing a jump suit for as a man is quite tricky either you feel like toddler or something like a camp Captain Kirk from Starship Enterprise. I just like that this jump suit has something men- specific about it like an overall of a bloke to who works in a garage or an soldier. It is defiantly wearable. Well done H& M.
H& M SS 2011


  1. Hi Carlo, I think, unfortunately, they are already sold out in most H& M shops. I saw one left in XL in the H& M in Covent Garden London a month ago. The jumpsuit is part of The Trend Label collection ( they always have a purple H& M tag instead of the normal brand tags) which you do not get in every H& M shop. In London you get The Trend Label in Oxford Street, Covent Garden and Westfield. I think in Germany you find it in Munich... maybe you are lucky. The Fashion Philosopher

  2. Thank you for your response. Any ideas on how to get ahold of a men.s jumpsuit? I'm in America, but am more than willing to order online.

  3. Hi Carlo, I personally think the best one you can buy is from www.openingceremony.us. Follow the link. You might have heard of the company they are from NY.


    Good Luck if you buy it I will be jealous. I keep dreaming if this jumpsuit. Love The Fashion Philospher