Monday, 14 February 2011


' A man should look  as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten about them'
 Hardy Amies

I think above citing describes Robert Rabensteiner's style very well. I think he looks as if he would not really care about what he is wearing but actually he uses clothes to underline his 'rough' masculinity and but adding  a very artistic sensibility to it. He looks like a painter, art curator or opera singer mixed with a bit of ' Heidi 's grand father but always in a 'cool' way . Like in his work as fashion editor for L'Uomo Vogue, his work as a stylist always conveys a certain theatricality of an ' old- style ' film set. I just love his style!!

Pictures above by Tommy Ton

All pictures styled by Robert Rabensteiner

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