Friday, 18 February 2011


 In a brilliant mood I made my way to London Fashion Week AW 2011. The first thing I would like to mention is if you want to go and hang around get some warm clothes on. I was freezing in my leather jacket and summer scarf ( photo of my outfit will follow ) even with my bubbly from the morning I could not keep warm. I went to the exhibition and although it's worth seeing it but there are not really any menswear exhibitors around. I will try the next days to slip into one or two mens wear shows. But the interesting bit in London is anyway always how the people on the street dress.The shows you can see on any style website anyway. I tried edit just the ones which I found really interesting not the usual skinny- jeans- and- fabric- tote- kind- of- St- Martins- student-kind- of- guys. I must say it was surprisingly difficult to find stylish blokes around but the menswear day is on Wednesday 23/02. And I will definitely be there to find more sujets to photograph.

Looking at my pictures I have quite a range of ethnically different styled guys from around the world. I must say the Japanese have always one of the best style!

Don't tell me now a tunic doesn't  look sharp in town!

I think the style idea for this outfit came from the 2nd Earl of Rochester !!
I think it is really cool.
I hope you enjoyed the pics from the 1st day of LCW!
The Fashion Philosopher

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  1. I think London is the place to be next season. Unfortunately a lot of NYFW was flat in comparison. But P&S, Ralph Lauren, and the like did an awesome job.