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I know all our senses are directed to AW 2011 right know but it is such a dreary, dull, wet and foggy London afternoon, that I decided to write a bit about the colours and new styles which have started to shout at us from all the wonderful shop window displays. I think we all want to start wearing colour and short sleeves again. Last week a stumbled across a sort of new label from Japan: Phenomenon by Takeshi Osumi also known by his Hip- Hop identity Big O. Strangely enough again a hip-hop label catching my eye but I think the reason for it is that street wear right know is growing up and using loads of almost couture like elements mixed with 1990's street style which makes a very interesting.

Takeshi Osumi aka Big O. 
Launched already 2004 Phenomenon had its debut for AW10 at Tokyo Collection Week and it is seen now as the driving force of Japanese street style with it's interest also by buyers from all around the world.

The S/S 2011 collection has been inspired a lot by the music Takeshi was listing to while looking for inspiration. House music from the 1990's is mixing with tribal house from the same time. Also the so called ' Chill Wave' genre such as 'Wash Out' gave the tone together with influences like Maori- tattoos which translated into the triangle motifs printed on organdy to give a ' trompe d'oeil effect of real tattoos on the skin. Even clear references to summer turn up in unexpected ways for example flies which are are rather annoying part of summer are used in form of bracelets or cover the labels of jackets.
The head scarf styling is inspired by 1990's rappers
The triangle pattern of Maori- tattoos printed on organdy

Leggings under shorts have been sported by male Japanese hipsters since last summer already. I was wearing it for my first day at LFW AW11 on Friday and was surprised that no one else was wearing it....
Here you can see the whole catwalk show for Phenomenon for SS 11

Couture influences in street style- the wicker vest

All pictures take from
I hope I could give you a little appetizer for the summer to come ! 
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