Wednesday, 11 July 2012


There are few fashion items which I consider a must-have for every 'arbiter of fashion'. As you might know, I' am a sucker for shawls& scarfs and there is one which has not yet found its way into my scarf collection- the iconic Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

The print became instantly famous as Kate Moss modeled the original skull print on a dress at the American Express Black Show and London's Earl's Court venue in 2004.

Kate Moss- stunning as ever wearing Alexander McQueen's signature skull print, which became an instant hit in  2004
The print has ever since been reworked across his collections and accessories lines yet the scarves have become a cult must-have after Moss took to wearing hers almost religiously to many of her admired outfits.

Scarfs are just so perfectly adaptable as you can see here -  Mrs Moss wears her favorite  Alexander McQueen  Skull  Print Scarf around the waist as a belt.... 

I just love this scarf because it can transform an outfit instantly from 'boring' to 'edgy' and it can be worn by both sexes. Considering the price of the scarf ( from around £ 100-£ 450)- it is a brilliant sartorial investment for a couple because both of you can wear it so it sort of halves the expenditure (and if you buy one for her as a birthday present, you have actually bought yourself one, too!). Just love it!

What can you say, ladies? McQueen scarf and sexy  Johnny Depp- the shawl is the perfect unisex accessory, isn't it?

The scarf's getting New York's royal fashion approval- Mary- Kate Olsen, the  ' goth'   part of the Olsen  Sisters, just loves her black and white version of the shawl...

Adored and loved ( maybe also as token of remembrance to the genius that was the late Alexander McQueen)  by the fashion blogger folk- here in yellow and black ...

...and here simple yet amazingly stylish- in blue& white. Do you understand now? The Alexander McQueen Skull  Print Scarf can make an outfit! 
The scarf is just brilliant for men who usually keep a simple wardrobe yet want to ' spice up' the look in an easy yet effective way now and then. The only problem with the scarf is the fact that it comes in a 'zillion' different print styles, colours and fabrics. Every season the creatives at McQueen think new ways to up-date their signature print. 

So, I had a look around and  I would suggest you two styles ( it does not matter if you are girl or a boy) which I found on one of my favourite fashion e-retailers and boutique Cruise Fashion - a brilliant independent luxury retailer from Edinburgh.

The first one is a red and black version of the print whereby the skulls are interrupted with a leopard print- how cool is that! Perfect for the summer month since made from silk and therefore beautifully light to wear. The black and red colour mix is dramatic best worn with just a plain tank top, a pair of tight drain pipe jeans and great stylish sandals or espandrilles. Makes an instant impression especially for going partying all night long.

The up-dated skull print version mixed wit a super trendy leopard print- just genius!

The Alexander McQueen Leopard& Skull Print Red Silk Scarf  as seen at Cruise/ Edinburgh-  it doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl- this scarf adds glamour to every outfit!

The second suggestion is a black and white version. This model is maybe better if you are looking for a scarf which you can wear all day long. Yet again, although a bit moderate it gives the immediate impression that you one of the people who are ' in the know'- a true 'taste' person who just knows what you are putting around the your neck.
This makes me think- I never buy anything just because of the brand name only, honestly. I think the idea behind an item of fashion, the design and/or the fabric and the skill who created the item, are much more important than a brand name. But sometimes, very rarely though, I think to wear the right brand is necessary. This is the case with this skull print scarf- the print is just so iconic and it just belongs to Alexander McQueen! Therefore I would only wear the scarf made by McQueen and never a fake version. Is that the case, and you have the original, than it does not matter what brands you wear the scarf with.
As I said the black and white colour mix goes just with everything. I can see it perfectly well with a military green parka or camouflage jacket, a white t-shirt and jeans shorts together with a pair of Dr Marten's boots. A perfect outfit for a summer music festival! 
Alexander McQueen Skull Print White& Black Scarf- again seen at Cruise/ Edinburgh- the iconic  print by McQueen. You will wear it for many years, I promise, and you can share it with your partner! The skull print scarf, with its unisex appeal,  can be enjoyed by both- men and women!!
But as mentioned in the text above the scarf is being re-invented every season by the use of different colours,  print techniques and different fabrics. Furthermore the motif of the skull is very important to the McQueen brand. The skull it used to adorn jewelry, hand bags, dresses, high heels... and... and...and... the list goes on and on. Again, here Cruise Fashion offers a very well edited selection of Alexander McQueen 'skull accessories definitely worth checking out, just click here.


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