Thursday, 17 May 2012


I'm a long-standing fan of YouTube's v- blog by Toshtower. The only v-blog I really manage to follow. Why? because he is just such an interesting mix of everything- and all this 'everything' is constantly clashing which each other, almost like a atomic reaction- just loads of energy comes from his monologues and discussions, of which some are very personal ( like that he feels lonely a single, and his desperation to find a loving relation ship) or some very political ( like 'Gay Rights Now! Civil Rights Now!Equal Rights Now!).

To his persona: he is German but lives in LA, he looks like a cool indie rocker, but works in finance. He is gay but talks like the typical LA skate dude.  He dresses himself very stylishly yet he seems not really to be interested in fashion and this list could go on and on and on. Yet what I most love about this guy is his mind. He has his strong opinions and in his usually ten minutes v-blogs, he discusses them vigorously. He works for the enemy, finance, but actually I wish he became a politician- he would be the perfect modern Harvey Milk, the famous gay rights advocate of the 1970's.

His passion is the gay community and criticizing them is his main aim. Yet it is not criticism for the sake of critiscm, no, he complains about stupity and prejudices even in the rows of the so 'liberal' gay world! But if you follow he v-blog you will see that Toshtower has a lot of topics, some trivial, some idealistic, some gay -some straight. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cringe and some you will find even outright stupid but he keeps up the one thing America once stood for ( unfortunately the USA is loosing right now so many attributes of a free country it once stood for)- freedom of speech and the right to have an opinion which differs from that of your neighbour's.

Ok, so what links him to fashion, that I decided to introduce him to you, my beloved readers and fashion addicts and include him into The Fashion Philosophers holy fashion pages?  It's that he just had the brilliant idea to give a short manual about how to deal with long hair as a men. Since I have started growing my hair a year ago now and Toshtower has his grown for the last three years and we both are on the same side, in regards that just to let your hair down all the time is soooooooooooo boring. He decided to do a fun tutorial about how you can style your hair as an alpha male and still..., in Toshtower's own words '... look sexy as hell'. Just enjoy it and maybe you see what else Toshower is going on about and you will become as much of a fan of him as I am.

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  1. Cool! I want long hair!