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What I love about blogging is that you start meeting interesting people and sometimes even better, interesting people who create interesting and wonderfull stuff! This is the case with David Preston- musician, shoe designer, cool dude par excellence-, he actually wrote me an e-mail in regards to my last post about my new passion for Cuban heeled boots which raised my interest in his fucking cool shoe creations newly available from his awesome e-retail website. He himself plays in the band Cat Black , whose music style I would simple describe as great 70's rock retro, but please do not throw stones at me since I am a fashion person and not a music person, please, if I am wrong with my description, do not hesitate to correct me. The only judgement I can seriously and confidently make is that these guys look fantasticly stylish- and they all wear David Preston Cuban heeled boots, of course!!
David Preston- the master himself ( stylish, isn't he?)

 Cat Black 
Again Cat Black- they look just amazing- exactly my taste in men and style 

Cat Black- the whole band ( David Preston is the first from right)

I am very critical on which brands I like to introduce to you guys, my readers. I would never write about something I wouldn't wear and with David's shoes I absolutely stunned and behind them. Firstly the price is excellent. They are from £ 169.95 which I find very fair for a pair of leather boots, leather inside and outside, and compared with for example a pair of  Mr's Hares boots, which are over £ 500, they are almost a 'bargain'. Yet, as you can imagine, I do not care about a brand name at all- for me two things are important:
1. Style, very important
2. Secondly quality, I think the price reflects the quality unfortunately most money goes into the brand name lately- not the quality!

So, what is it I love about David Preston boots. Let's have a look at the style. David's boots come in three styles: 
1. The Regent- with a side zip 
2. The Compton- with a side zip and a central seam 
3. The Lexington- with an elastic side 
All shoes are complete leather- inside and outside. They come with the brand typical purple super soft leather lining ( I love the idea of using purple! The colours of the aristocracy and kings!) and a stacked leather two inch heel ( I would not mind 2.5 inches but that is me and 2 are, of course, absolutely fine).  

The Regent 

The Compton 

The Lexington 
Yet the best thing to come is, David's offers a bespoke service where you can suggest you own colour and he will try to find a matching colour tone in the fabric's leather archive. So maybe my dream will come true and I can get my golden Chelsea boots for fraction of the Dior price yet with the same amazingly cool look and the excellent quality. 
There is one thing which I also find worth to support- the superb quality and craftsmanship of the boots!- the shoes are created in a family run company. I would just love more info about the company, I think this is nowadays important if you offer a product like these boots which are not aimed at a mass market. I want to know where my clothes are made an by whom!  Maybe I can give David some inspiration too and he will include this into his website? I have also done a bit research on his face book page  and people seem to been genuine happy about there ordered shoes! I read comments like ' butter soft',.. 'fitting like a glove..'suave and dandy'...'I would sell my soul for one of these'( that was not me writing this on face book but I know the feeling just too well especially with these boots)!!! 
David Preston's shoe block- great that this company offers you a bespoke option for a great price! 

Black suede- just so versatile they go with everything and with this quality you can wear them for years!!

'... butter soft...'

'... fitting like a glove...' and the brand's signature super soft purple leather lining- I just can say:' I want these!!!!!!!!!!!'
With a great brand like this celebrity followers are , of course,  there too instantly and like with all best male items- girls are raiding our wardrobes right now anyway with all  the ' boyfriend' jeans and 'boyfriend' jumpers sold and praised on everywhere, they will go crazy for the boots too, I promise. So why not let them take even our shoes- so if you are a girl and just love the shoes as much as your dear partner, you can order them in smaller sizes too... actually my girlfriend has birthday soon, so maybe...? 
Stunnig- the girl..and the boots of course!! 

Primal Scream front man- super hip Bobby Gillespie wearing David Preston Cuban heeled  boots in brown  suede leather . I just love shoes a bit worn. I think I am to much of a dandy in this point. I hate them when they are new and shiny. I think for shoes to really come to live they must look a bit worn!

Bobby Gillespie and his fashion stylist wife Katy England - look at the shoes....

All in all, I think David Preston Shoes is a brilliant men shoe brand and I hope he will expand it. He has got style, taste and good celebrity connections. I am sure I will have a pair of Preston's very soon next ( I said celebrity connections, didn't I?) to my Mr Hare's one and with the bespoke service he completely made me a fan of his boots. Give this possibility to the Fashion Philosopher and just the sky is the limit for me and Davids' boots. I will start with a pair of golden ones, then I need to have the purple suede leather ones, then a pair of ostrich leather ones in green? or black patent, or/and maybe we can do a higher heel or different coloured stiching, or a different coloured heel.... David can I become your business partner..!?

                                          Have a lovely and stylish time !! The Fashion Philosopher

And again some details for David Preston Shoes:
e-retail website:

Music band Cat Black:

You can of course find both on face book and twitter, just search with the name et voilà- you will find them in a jiffy!


  1. Well written and informative article. I am now the proud owner of a pair which I purchased from Arthur Knight in Northampton. I've had nothing but positive comments and to my surprise, they are more comfortable than I was expecting even after a long day (and night!!!).

  2. They look great on women too, trust me! I had to order a men's UK size 8 but they are pretty gender neutral. I got the black leather Regents and I love them! They are extremely well made and gorgeous. I just ordered my second pair last week, another pair of Regents, this time in blue suede!