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 I am 1, 73- that's about 5'8. It is ok in London, since English men tend to be shorter than for example the Germans. In Germany I would to be considered as rather short yet I must say I never suffered really since I have a 'tall' personality. Yet lately, with my style craze for the 70's ( I am speaking Rolling Stone's 70's - so I am talking long hair, beards, moustaches, leather jackets, Indian jewelry, fur coats, David Bowie and Iggy Pop coming off the 60's in Berlin- not the late glossy and slightly camp yet dandy-esque Gucci style disco 70's) I found myself drawn to a certain kind of foot wear which, OK, if I consider it more closely, maybe I am also talking camp 70's, the Cuban Heel Boot also sometimes called the Beatle boot or Chelsea boot.

Cuban heeled boots were very popular with Rock bands and artists during the middle 1960's but started to decline during the 70's. The Boots saw a surge of popularity during the punk movement in the late 70's and early 80's but again started to decline throughout the 90's. During the late 00's and early 10's the boots have seen a steady surge in popularity.

Beatle boots are tight-fitting,Cuban heeled, ankle-high boots with a sharp pointed toe, made popular by the Beatles of  course, for whom they were originally made. Although these highly talented dudes were not really on the short side the late 60's brought us a bit of cross dressing and the Beatle boots saw the reintroduction of high heeled footwear for men.[2]
Beatle boots originated in October 1961, when English musicians John Lennon and Paul McCartney saw Chelsea boots whilst browsing in the London footwear company Anello & Davide, and consequently commissioned four pairs (with the addition of Cuban heels) for the Beatles, to complement their new suit image.  

Above pics are from Mr Hare look books 
I always thought them to camp or to much of a pimp shoe to have a go and try to wear them until uber- cool Mr Hare, our shoe designer who brought back true style for our starving little masculin feet, created the meanwhile classic Truffaut boot followed by the Bazin. Every season he creates them in new variations and to be honest, if I had the money I would meanwhile collect them! 
What I love about wearing high heels- they just give you a different posture- a more straight one. You are more aware about the way you walk, the way you move and your whole posture in general.  As Mr Hare says: 'A man in heels has the confidence of 100 men!'.
A heel gives me not only my deserved couple of inches more, it gives me a certain grandeur, and by far I do not feel camp at all, I feel more like entering my ' court ' ( Louis XIV was wearing up to 4 inches high heels and he had grandeur in buckets) when wearing them while meeting people in town...
Yes, even the Old One's love to stand high above the ground- these white beauties are actually from the 17th century- isn't it amazing- fashion history is repeating itself.

But it is not only Mr Hare who has great success with the Cuban heel. Brands from 'rock gone chic' brand Tom Rebel, luxurious- intellectual Dior Homme by Chris Van Assche to avantgarde darling Gareth Pugh and LA fashion anarchist par exellence Rick Owens are showing their take on the Beatle boot in more or less extreme ways. 

Wether white or sparkling- Tom Rebel designs for the Cuban heeled Beatle boot are always innovative in regards to styling  and  just loves to go against any kind of male sartorial conventions.

Dior 's amzing 6.5 Chealsea boot from AW2005- if I ever find them on eBay than I will give my ah... whatever they want to get them. They are just so pefect with a sharply cut smoking suit or a pair of wasted skinny jeans and a cool leather jacket or... I could go on and on how would style them!

Yes, they are The Kings of the Beatle boots- Gareth Pugh's version for AW11 sees the modern men  well- heeled - I would not wear them but I still love them and I admire the men who wear them with confidence.
Rick Owens- the LA designer is trying to make the impossible almost impossible- real men high heels with will not take away your masculinity  instead they are adding a new ( yet as I showed historically actually almost ancient) chapter in male booting.

I just went a long way from the 1960's Beatle boot to the futuristic extremes of 4 inches Rick Owen gender bending genius to show you that the Cuban Heeled ankle boot is just a great items to extend your choice of men shoe styles. To be honest, after giving up my initial doubts, I think Cuban heels are just fucking cool and uber -stylish and I do not mind at all of course to adding 2.5 inches to my height and transforming me into an elegant rock dandy ( in my case). Just have a go and I promise you, you will become addicted to them as I am.

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  1. cuban heeled boots - yes I like it! They can completed simply jeans outfit and so much more.

  2. Where can i find some of those AMAZING cuban heeled boots ??? help I'm desperate xxx

    1. Hi, go to or try Ebay or vintage shops are great to as long your feet have a size 7 or eight. Good Luck, Raj- The Fashion Philosopher

  3. I like your blog, it is very interesting :)