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'Mens Fashion Lies in the Detail'- I am sure you have heard these true words somewhere already. Compared to our female counterparts we are reduced to a far less developed sartorial language, in which the words of style are repeated over and over again in more or less subtle interpretations of the same letters like for example 0.5 inches might decide if a tie is on trend right now or last season. Yes, it is those little things which very often make good men fashion and even more often bad one. So from this point of view and with my stylist eyes always on the pulse of mens fashion, I find my interest more and more directed towards socks- yes, socks, the nightmare present from Auntie Rosie when she just again does not know what to give to you for your birthday.
Firstly I realized that white socks are definitely back- I could see white lurking out from cropped chinos, rolled up skinny jeans and even black formal trousers. But I soon was to loose myself more and more in my  ' socks- male-fashion'- thoughts' and discovered more more details about the male sock craze of the moment...

Rolled up skinnies with daddy's slippers- during the 80's revival I think is when our fascination with socks lately started! 

Hip, Young, Dalston or the Marrais.. White Socks!!!

And even Mr Fashion Genius is doing it- Marc Jacobs with kilt and Doc Marten's - I just love it! 

These are the people who make our rents go up into the sky and lead the gentrification on- yet  whatever you say about the hippsters - they have style and wear... WHITE SOCKS!! 

And now they are even hitting the cat walk- I need to be quick and jump onto the style wagon soon!
What else I discovered was that the fashionable men-around-town started showing off their erotic male ankles  covered in almost any kind of colour and pattern- the brighter the better and more graphic- the even more better. Almost like male animals during mating season, menswear fashionistos and menswear editors stalking around during fashion events showing off ' their coloured feather coat' ( I mean hear actually the socks) to fight for attention, yet again in this scenario, not from the female animal! No, the fashion male wants not to pass on his genes, he wants to be photographed by one of the the always trend hungry street style bloggers and street fashion photographers !
Pure Vintage-how cool is that! The remake of ' Great Gatsby' will strongly influence our style sensibilities this year, I suppose.

Here we go- both examples: the white ones meets the bright one- and love of the first sight! 

Spice up the good old 3- piece suit! 

Very bright - very graphical...

Do you get the humour? Sock post and here a pic of a guy without socks... how philosophical, isn't it. 

Pattern and colour blocking for the brave ones...

Yet fun aside ( but actually I think you must be brave and have humour in fashion terms to wear some of the above sock combinations), this sock trend, I think, it is a great style development for men fashion. You can bring a splash of colour to a more conservative outfit, you can play with pattern which you would not like to put on a top or as outerwear, like animal skin prints or polka dots for example. Another advantage is the fact that you can easily spoil yourself with a great pair of designer socks for little money even if you are broke again and make your self happy and give you a bit of inspiration for a new outfit.

Instead of the ' couture t-shirt', a phrase right now termed in women fashion for very expensive and highly elaborate t-shirts, you go for the 'couture socks' for a fraction of the price! I just love that, especially as a chronic broke fashion addict, always in the need of a bit of stylish bargain.

The 'couture' version: pop coloured leopard socks by Marc by Marc Jacobs for just £ 20  - and I  am sure i f I start researching luxury sock the sky will be the limit.... 

Luxury for the spoilt male ankle: Come Des Garcons Homme Plus socks in this season's neon hues 

Great graphical designs, very creative and a good price starting from ca. £ 8: Happy Socks 

The best for the white sport option: every hippster buys them in buckets! Unisex Calf High Socks from L.A super brand American Apparel 

That is so stunning- look at all those colours! This label has just cult status and they are worth the money: Burlington socks 

The more I am researching for this blog post the more I want a whole new collection of socks. Socks are just so underrated yet so important and especially for men just such a brilliant sartorial item to underline your pesonality and play with colours, textures and patterns on a small budget in a very subtle way.

Yet still you might wonder what I mean with ' Stella, The Sock Fairy'? Well, have you ever wondered what happens to all the second socks of a pair, which strangely enough go missing regularly and especially the nice and expensive pairs suddenly become just one after the washing or after you just hung them up for drying!
Yes, I found out the truth! One night I discovered her, still searching aggressively for a sock! on a wet pile of freshly made washing: Stella, The Sock Fairy! You wonder what are Sock Fairies? Well, they are the nasty sisters of the cute little fairy- tale fairies. The steal the all second socks of a pair they can get their little skinny hands on and make their amazing dresses from it or/and use socks for their little fairy flat, as little fairy curtains, little fairy table cloth, little fairy cushions...- and Stella is a real sock stealing professional! She is about Barbie- sized, chubby to fat, depends on her mood, and she is fucking moody! She has an enormous pile of red curls and dreadlocks on her head, she loves bright make up and she smells of strong cheddar and honey!?  Be careful since you as a style addict, my dear reader, I am sure, you have really beautiful socks, and this is what this little piece of fairy shit is after, and she does everything to get to her beloved socks, even poisoning your little innocent fluffy hamster as an distraction for you. So be always aware, where socks start disappearing- Stella is just around the corner with her greedy bejewelled little hands!! Puh, are you afraid now? Believe me, be afraid, truly afraid!

I hope you enjoyed my little excursion into men accessories trends and fashion fairy secrets! The Sock Philosopher.. oh aeh, sorry,... The Fashion Philosopher

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