Sunday, 28 November 2010


 On Friday 26th of November I attended a talk with Mr Hare with Steve from The Style Salvage at Liberty's shoe department. First I must say I found Mr Hare a really sympathetic guy who just happened to look a gear smoking Reggae DJ from Brixton but actually he is the men shoes designer of the moment. It was really interesting to hear him talking how he produces the shoes and how he is developing an holiday idea into a international successful business. The guy is just loving shoes and this translates into the most beautiful shoes around at the moment. Also Steve showed his talent by leading the interview in a really interesting and informed manner. While I was sipping my Elderflower- Whiskey on ice, it was really enjoyable to listen to two shoe fanatics talking about shoes. Mr Hare's passion for his product has really persuaded me to invest next season in a pair of his SS11 collection.
 Two examples of his summer collection 2011.
Mr Hare is also venturing into shoe accessories. Here he shoes his designed luxury shoe tongue. Beautifully made by a jewelery maker which name I forgot unfortunately ( I just started attending these talks and next time I will put it down, promised). A really stylish present for the gentlemen who has got everything already.
PS: I just would like to tell you the tips how to keep shoes in good condition by Mr Hare: Use just simple bee wax or a good suede brush to keep the shoes clean and shiny and last but not least use a shoe tongue - that's all to keep your shoes in a good state for years.

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  1. Thanks so much for making it down. Glad that you enjoyed it. To be honest, I was dreading it but ended up having a lot of fun. Mr Hare would love your description of him, ha! The question is which SS11 pair took your fancy? Oh and the shoe horn was a collaboration with Andrew Bunney ( Thanks again.