Saturday, 16 October 2010

Kristen McMenamy

When I was 16 and the ' Supermodels' were just hitting the fashion world. I fell in love with Kristen McMenamy because she was so different. Ok, there was Linda Evangelista but compared to Kristen, she was a bit like 'soup without salt' or 'Chanel without Lagerfeld' ( like we fashion bloggers would put it when things do no have 'le je ne sais quoi' . She shot to fame after, Steven Meisel made her shave her eyebrows which gave her an almost alien like and androgynous beauty, but shot in 1990s Versace, with all its baroque opulence, she looked just amazing.  I never understood why she was labelled 'Le Freak'. She has an extreme beauty but she is still beautiful even more so with her amazing long grey hair.

Kristen, listen if I become a famous fashion blogger, stylist and fashion editor- please let me do a shoot with you and me on the cover of Another Man. Please, promised!!!

Je t' adore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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