Saturday, 30 October 2010

Etat Libre d'Orange- createur de perfumes

UFA film studios, Berlin; Paramount – Hollywood and Paris…the glamorous gleam of black & white, luminous blue cigarette smoke filtering through the glare of the klieg lights, the scent of jasmine on warm white skin. An addictive scent, a dangerous scent, the perfume of the great femmes fatale, women who claim sensuality as their right as well as their pleasure; that gesture of flicking a speck of tobacco from the tongue…
Absolute of jasmine, hay, tobacco, cedar, amber, abricot and musc – thoughts of Brigitte Helm, Garbo, Marlene, Jane Birkin, Marianne Faithful: a perfume of yesterday, today and forever.
Rudolph Valentino in “Blood and Sand”, the heat and dust of “Death in the Afternoon”– the ritual combat of Man versus Beast; not to kill but subdue, like Beauty and the Beast.
This daring scent takes the most virile of scents – musc, animalics, leather, pepper, vetiver – and tames them at a glance by use of fragrant waxen tuberose and ylang-ylang which permeate and soften, caress and captivate the rampant machismo. All done by kindness.
I will also try to include my developing craze of finding unusal perfumes in my blog. I found both perfumes above from the perfume boutique ' Les Senteurs ' in Belgravia. The perfume company is called ' Etat Libre dOrange'. I love their motto ' Perfume is Dead! Long Live Perfume '. You can read more of their manifesto on . Other perfumes they created are called ' Tom of Finland ', ' Fat Electrician ' and many more very unusual names. I ordered two samples for ' Jasmine et Cigarettes' and ' Je suis un homme '. I will let you know what they smell like and if they are really perfumes for the ' individualistic mind '.

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