Monday, 20 August 2012


The London Olympics just finished and my brother constantly complaining that I do not feature more 'sporty' but still good designed clothes on my website I  find myself very much drawn to the realm of utility clothes and sports wear right now. Still I find it a bit easier to get good designed sportswear for women an area recently revolutionized by designer Stella McCartney for addidas.

For men I have found myself always intrigued by the design of the company Stone Island. Not only there add campaigns are brilliant with a very modern stylish edge. What I love about them is their way of always developing brilliant high tech fabric and making them into very wearable and most important stylish leisure and sport wear for the design conscious men.

Stone Island add campaign AW 2012- does not come minimalist artist Mondrian to your mind? 
The casual clothing brand Stone Island was founded 1982 and ever since it stands for extreme research into fabric and fibers combined with a new interpretation of uniforms and work wear. This constant striving for improvement led to developing of fabrics and production methods never before used in the fashion industry.

Jackets constructed in nylon monfilament, derived from technology of water filtration or thermosensitive fabrics which change color with the changes of the temperature and rayon light weight, vacuum coated with a film of stainless steel, used formerly in the aviation technology are just some examples how innovative Stone Island's approaches it design philosophy.

Both pictures: Stone Island AW 2011
If I got you interested now I found on the website of Repertoire, one of the best and largest online retailer of formal and casual designer fashion right now.  Here now my favorite pieces:

A sucker for hooded jumpers I just love this jumper-  the Blue Overhead Sweat Jumper 
Repertoire just offers a brilliant choice of basic Stone Island pieces on a very reasonable price scale. But is there a price for innovative & excellent fabrics and design?

The Blue Garment Dyed Lamy Nylon Hooded Jacket 
Stone Island does not only offer great outer wear or sweatshirts, it is also best known for exciting and brilliantly designed knitwear!

Blur Knitted Hooded Top 

If you liked what I chose please have a look on Repertoires Stone Island page. There a many more items for stocking up you stylish casual and sports wardrobe with amazing Stone Island pieces since a true 'Stylisto' is always ready to look stylish if at a fashion show or on a football field!

All items are from Repertoire Online

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