Thursday, 3 March 2011


As a regular reader of the blog Style Salvage I love Steve's series ' Collections ' in which he asks fellow bloggers obsession with shoes, jewelry etc. I kept thinking what my obsession is, I keep trying to broaden my collection of jewelery but as loads of men I somehow never find jewels I would love to wear. Shoes? OK, I have a lot but I am not really collecting them. And then I remembered ' Miranda', the horror boss, played by Meryl Streep in the film The Devil wears Prada  . Miranda's obsession are terribly expensive shawls by Hermes which she constantly looses and her tyrannised secretary Andrea, played by Anne Hathaway, must always get them again in a dozen ( Hermes scarfs start at about £ 200.00 a pop ).
My collection from left: 1. blue scarf with pigeons ( H&M ), 2. blue white circle silk scarf ( Primark, sorry but true, I also went to Primark ), 3. white embroidered pashima ( H&M), 4. grey lace ( Topshop ), 5. blue, white, pink painted cotton, Indian style ( Trend lable, H&M ), 6. cream paisley ( Salvation Army), 7. black woven ( H&M ), 8. grey, red embroidered with glass pearls ( found on the street ), 9. dove- grey, fine cotton toile ( Cos). The ones you can not see are a 1950's fur stole ( vintage) and a green blue paisely and a simple black silk scarf ( again Primark )

As before and the one which you can not  see on the very right side is a khaki, net scarf again from H&M

This is my favourite scarf. Lucky me, I found it. The story is: I was working in a posh boutique in London 6 years ago and a costumer wore the scarf and I admired it. The client tried on some clothes and as he left the shop I discovered he left the shawl in the changing room.  I was waiting for two weeks and than I asked my boss if I can keep it. I have been wearing it for 5 winters now and ok, this winter it was the first time I did not wear instead I bought me a fur stole from 1950's as you can see from my picture on the blog.

Meryl Streep as Miranda in ' The Devil Wears Prada '

 I have always loved scarfs and shawls, I started wearing them already 15 years ago, long before over sized knitted scarfs and snoods came into fashion. I just was a big fan of the Regency period with its elegantly draped and knotted cravats of the early dandies and the Sixties with Jimmy Hendrix and Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones sporting their androgynous way of dressing.
Beau Brummel, the first Dandy

Jimmy Hendrix

Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones
And then in the first part of the Noughties, suddenly it became trendy to wear shawls and scarfs. One of the best examples and the coolest person too wear them was Pete Doherty.

Pete Doherty
But where do you get the most beautiful scarfs, ok I mentioned Hermes already, but the best selection of the most beautiful scarfs you will get in Liberty's the famous Arts & Craft department store at London Regent Street. Famous for their huge variety of prints they offer, you will find just a superb choice of colours, sizes and prizes. You will find what ever you want. Yes, as soon as I start earning good money you can believe me I will be at Liberty's once a month to build up a huge collection of scarfs and shawls but I will not loose them, believe me! 

Rose Pink Paisley Star silk scarf by Liberty

Coral Red Lanthe silk scarf by Liberty

Navy Russian Doll scarf by Meg Mathews, at Liberty's

Portrait Voile wool scarf by Laura Berens Baker at Liberty's

Green Peacock print scarf by Athena Porcopiu at Liberty's


  1. I love your story about getting your favourite scarf. I bet you probably loved it more than its original owner! I Absolutely would be fascinated to learn how Liberties develops and prints their scarves too.

  2. Hi Brandon, I know I was lucky on the other hand I lost so many of them too. I rember I lost one an Escada cashmere one, I got as a present it was £ 200. Shame on me but I got better. I would love too. I think they do have designers who find the ideas. Also their archive must be amazing. They have been around for 130 years now. I must go to have a look at their fabric department. Maybe I can by the fabric and make me some scarfs. The fabrics are usually around £ 30, I guess. Maybe that's an idea to satisfy my craving for scarfs and I do not need to wait till the money starts rolling as a freelance stylist and fashion editor.
    Love Raj The Fashion Philosopher

  3. hello raini,
    yes I love your fashion blog, although I am not in fashion anymore, but it is a thing you never loose I guess. Now back in civilisation I will follow your blog more often. I love the way you tell your stories, it is refreshing. I like also a lot the two artists you talk about. Es stimmt ich verbinde dich mit einem Schal um den Hals.
    Nur zwei Gedanken: Ich vermisse dein wunderbares Laecheln auf den Fotos. Connecte toi un peu avec la lumière. Und waren die Leute auf der Party interessant, wegen ihrer Berufe oder wegen ihrer Persoenlichkeiten?
    Danke, merci and thank you for your inspriring blog. I am proud of you!!!!