Tuesday, 15 March 2011


The first time I came across the German artist Christian Schoeler was two years ago through a fashion spread for AnOtherMan SS 2009. The fashion shoot was organised by fashion Director Alister Mackie and the idea was that half of the editorial were showing photographs and the other half of the pictures of the models and clothes, firstly photographed by Schoeler and than translated into oil painted pictures. The result were more than fashion illustrations it widened the idea about fashion and art - photography and paint. The pictures show Schoeler's  '...own fascination with the vulnerability, ecstasy and nonchalance of the young men.' ( AnOtherMan). His reputation in fashion circles lead to a cooperation between the Artist and Louis Vuitton. The first collection of hand painted bags could be bought in 2009 and lead to another one for AW 2010. I just love his paintings, they remind me a bit of these erotic french films from the seventies. The velvety texture of the oil paint creates images which seem to look at you from a dream like realm. The pictures oozes sensuality and secrecy almost as if you were in a drug-induced daze. His hand painted designs for Louis Vuitton have an almost 'Turner' like quality - like the morning fog or marble they create an almost organically atmospheric surface .  I just loved to be painted by him ( or to get my hands on one of the bags!!!).

Louis Vuitton AW 10
Louis Vuitton AW10


  1. Thanks so much for reminding of Schoeler's work. I too first discovered in that issue of AnotherMan and looked on in delight during the collaborations with Louis Vuitton. Simply breathtaking.

  2. Thank Steve, I always appreciate your thoughts. Kind Regards. Raj The Fashion Philospher.