Thursday, 30 December 2010


Picture and text by Vogue France
Some of you will know the picture but I am again and again fascinated by it. OK, this year was the year of the transsexual in fashion circles. As you might remember, Tisci used Lea T in his AW10 add campaign, Acne developed in conjunction with Candy magazine a shirt collection all modelled by transsexuals, the androgynous star male model Andrej Pejic whose angelic feature brought him to walk women shows as well as men shows.and asked what he feels about it he answered: '... Every man wants to wear a dress once in a while...' but I really admire and being stunned by the honesty and beauty of this picture above and and the bravery of the French Vogue to put a picture like this into a polished luxury magazine. But this honesty and bravery which I credit to the unfortunately meanwhile 'former' editor in chief Carine Roitfeld and her team in Paris. This picture, with its vulnerability, shows that nature has so many beautiful different facets and that beauty can not be defined by sex instead by the magic aura of an individual being like Lea T. I really want to see more of her in the future and hopefully our fascination with transsexual and its discussion and depiction of  it in an honest and non- judging way will not be just a fad but bringing more tolerance to the ones who are considered as different and often excluded from the rest of society. Looking forward to 2011 and I wish you all

                      A HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2011- CHEEEERS!!!


  1. I think it's great that Trans people are getting attention, it's good that they are being seem in a more serious and positive light. I do think that since this whole thing happened many people assume that I myself am a transexual but I don't consider myself one, I don't want to be a woman, I just like looking like one hahaha to put it plainly. I don't see clothes as having gender it's alll just fabric. So when I put a dress I don't really think omg this is a womens garment, I just think i'm putting on my clothes. but I do agree with the last statement it shouldn't be just a fad and people should have tolerance for Trans people

  2. your words really guided me through my confusion when I first saw the picture... nice post, very inspiring!