Thursday, 30 December 2010


It is my favourite time of they year-guess Christmas?- no WINTER SAALLEEEESSS!!!!!- since you might remember I just quit my job to start freelancing in fashion as stylist and designer. Since I just started out, money of course is really short! But there is always a little bit put aside for some bargains. So, have a look what I snapped up in the sales. Here the first one now-  Beige roll neck- Shades of Grey by Mica Cohen ( Topman )

Again- Beige roll neck by Shades of Grey by Mica Cohen ( Topman ). Since the winters in London are getting colder I decided I need a couple more roll neck jumpers. This jumper from Shades of Grey is actually quite simple it has just the row of buttons at the collar, which I find quite handy if you come into the warm and cosy inside and you can simply open up the roll neck. The material is woven as if  layered which also gives an interesting effect as well as the rough edges. This jumper is a really good basic and it will keep warm when temperatures are plummeting.
1. Beige roll neck- Shades of Grey by Mica Cohen ( Topman )

2. Blue Brothel Creepers by Asos Collection ( Asos )- a great bargain. I got them for £ 13.00, compared to £ 80.00 at Topman. OK, they are not the originals but I do not care. I have never had Brothel Creepers. I just started to love them. You know, sometimes when you see a clothing item very often and you never are interested in the item and suddenly- BANG!!- after years you stop and think-' Hmm, actually I think I've got to get them'! I do not know what to wear with them and how to style them right now but clothing items like that have often helped me to broaden my style and have given  a fresh breath into my wardrobe. I really love them and the price was brilliant

3. 'Degas' heavy knit cardigan by All Saints (All Saints)- All Saints- my old time favourite of all the high street premium brands. I must confess I always find something at All Saints. OK, SS10 was a weak season but AW10 you could get your hands on some of the nicest authentic Nordic Fairisle jumpers around and I also found one of the nicest sheep- skin- sort of- aviator jackets which looked much better than most of the other 'affordable' versions on the high street. The 'Degas' cardigan is really warm and I got used to wear it more and more often instead of my winter coats or jackets. Just layer  a chunky, long and heavy cardigan with a jeans shirt and nice jumper underneath and a cool snood and you are warm enough to face the cold. By the way this was a 'good- bye' present in form of a voucher from my colleges at Hackett, my former employer. Thanks a lot guys. Will never think of you again ( ha ha ha).

4. Black top by Sparks ( Behave). Unfortunately, you can not see the materials and the cut properly ( After I loose my Christmas pounds I will model it). Actually, the top is quite boxy and long (almost to my knees).  It is also really black. The material is making the top interesting- it is a sort towelling material but somehow not as soft as the normal towelling of which towels are made of. But it gives the black a certain texture. I really love the brand Sparks. They design and produce the brand in the UK ( not China!) but keep the prices rather low. I bought the top above for £ 30.00 in the sales but usually the prices range from £ 25.00 to £ 60.00 for a jumpers or shirts to £ 80.00 for really brilliantly cut a pair of trousers. I already bought a shirt and a pair of trousers form Sparks at Behave. I will post properly about  the brand and the shop soon.

While I was copying the photos for this post I stumbled across this picture. I would like to  introduce you, please - HERR PAULI ( Mr Paul). The second love of my live. He is the cutest cat in the world. He loves fashion as much as I do and here you can watch him modelling his favourite New Years smoking by 'Catlavin'. He is quite avantgardistic cat, as you can see, he is wearing the silk smoking without the famous brightly coloured over- sized  bow ties, favoured by 'Catlavin' designer 'Catber Elbas', as we all know,  but with a simple white cashmere roll neck by 'Cat Sander'. And for a dramatic entrance he decided to put on green optical lenses. I think he looks so stunning and elegant but still simple and graceful. I just adore him.......!!!!! and hope you do it too.

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