Sunday, 24 March 2013


The title of this post might be a little bit irritating, since as you all know, we sort of just started a new century even a new millennium. So why did I chose the title then? Yes, to be eccentric and strange of course! No, actually, I chose it since it fits into my live situation in London right now and it is the title of a brilliant fashion editorial shot by a Russian designer, Gosha Rubchinskiy, who I admire and wrote about two years ago on this blog already.  By fate I discovered yesterday, that you can buy a small collection of his designs in a shop and on the shop's website now.

This post is a bit of a resume of my life right now and also I want to re-establish my quirky roots for this blog which I recently have lost a bit. I want to ramble about my love all all things Russian especially, the Russian aristocracy and I want to show and remind you for Gosha's work again.

Firstly I want to remind you of the article I have done in February 2011 called - The Russian Revolution- Designer Gosha Rubchinskiy- you might just click on the link and read quickly  through it again. I just saw on TV yesterday a documentary about filthy rich Russia- not about the normal Russian people- just about the scary rich ones. Yes, they are scary, they have fucking no taste at all, everything is brash, cheaply- rich,  this expression is a contradiction on its own already, but the only way I can put it! The Russian killed of their aristocracy in the years of 1917-1945, and so killed a lot of their taste, culture and history.

Yet luckily, while the old nobles are recovering their ancestral awareness. There is a new aristocracy establishing themselves in today's Russia. I'm not talking about the 'New Money' counts and princes. No, there are loads of highly talented and creative designers and artists around in Russia, highly spirited, true to themselves. proud and not willing to break or be seduced by Gucci & Vuitton and the greed of the financial sector. These truly noble spirits re-invent current Russia with its communist past and tsarists history. They pick up on everything that surrounds them in such a impressive country. One of them is fashion designer/ photographer and all round artist Gosha Rubchinskiy. I want to show you his amazing fashion editorial he did for ANOTHER MAN- Issue 16 Spring Summer 2013 styled by 'ueber' stylist Robbie Spencer and photographed by the artist Rubchinskiy himself:

All pics above are photographed form Another Man Magazine, Issue 16 Spring / Summer 2013 Mens Fashion -  Fashion editorial photographed by Gosha Rubchinskiy and styled by Robbie Spencer 
Russia is a country which by its very own nature is very much trusting into fate or Heavenly Intervention. Being a Catholic myself I too have a very strong believe in that God will show me a way. Therefore I found it interesting that I'm right now reading a lot about the Russian Revolution, which mend for so many people a departure from their old way of living. Finding a fashion editorial called ' The End of the Century' done by a Russian designer, since I decided to quit London and to move to Austria after 16 years in the UK. There are many reasons for me to leave now especially after I just started to do my dream job, styling, and getting busy doing it! Some people think, I'm crazy swapping 'crazy' London for ' provincial' Graz but I think it is time for me to re-think the fact that London is not everything and there are so many other places which might even give me more time to work more creatively without all the enormous pressures one encounters in London. London is getting more and more unlivable- especially since there is less and less time to forget about money compared to other European cities. Everything has got to make money, there is no time for trying out new directions. to play around with your own creativity- to develop into an true artist. Everything in this city is based on your financial success. And that is really taking it's toll on me. I think that designer like Gosha show us that every country and every city can make you into an amazing designer, photographer or stylist. Moscow, St Petersburg and Russia helped Gosha to create his own special flair and thanks to the internet you can immediately be part of London and New York within seconds and mix all the flavors together into a mesmerizing piece of work! London is not everything- I want go back to my roots- with the old 'East' like Hungary, Poland and Czeck Republic around the corner. Countries which lay forgotten for almost 60 years yet have been for hundreds of years the middle of our great continent- Europe!

On top of all my thoughts,  yesterday, I found Gosha Rubchinskiy fashion on one of my favourite shopping sites namely LN- CC! Eventually you can buy his designs at your doorstop! I praise the internet! So even in Graz now I will be able to dress in Gosha Rubchinskiy! And the best is that compared to other designer's on LN-CC, he is actually quite affordable! Yeah, I just love my fate!!!!

All clothes above by Gosha Rubchinskiy can be bought on the LN-CC website 

I hope you enjoyed my intimate thoughts, my love for Russian designers and a great fashion editorial!

Your Fashion Philosopher:)


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