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Today I realized that Christmas is less than 5 weeks away and I'm sure many of you, my readers, are already in panic in what to buy for our male relatives. Yes, finding the right present for grand dad, your father or your loved brother does not seem always the obvious choice. Living in London, the birth place of high class men's fashion I thought I would like to introduce you this time to one of the great gentlemen's heritage labels this beautiful city which has even a whole street dedicated to men's luxury fashion has created- Dunhill.

Like so many great companies Alfted Dunhill Ltd developed around 1900 ( to be precise 1893) by Alfred Dunhill who took over his father's saddlery business and seeing the the time of the horse was approaching his end he developed a line of accessories called 'Dunhill's Motorities'. The first collection included car horns and lamps, leather over coats, goggles, picnic sets and timepieces.

From this beginning there was no stopping for the company. Dunhill created a series of retail emporiums for men.

Dunhill AW 12 add campaign- Dunhill Voice- featuring real men of different ages and backgrounds. On the Dunhill website you can here each distinguished men talking and wearing Dunhill AW12 

Dunhill look book AW12- Dunhill is one of the few luxury companies left who exclusively just sell products for men! 
The Homes of Dunhill aim to represent the experience of luxury, allowing the customer to live, feel and breath the brand. This special retail space is separated in a range of services- which include bespoke tailoring, barber's shop, fine wine cellars, bar or restaurant, screening room and spa. The homes are in London, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

The London home of Dunhill- Bourdon House in Mayfair- is situated in a beautifully elegant Georgian mansion. The retail space is disguised as a gentleman's town house yet is a consummate retreat for men- the finest Dunhill collections surrounded by such services as Barber, Spa, Screening Room, Bar Lounge, Humidor and bespoke leather & menswear.
Bourdon House- formerly the town house of the Duke of Westminster- now on of Alfred Dunhill's Homes- a retail heaven for the refined masculinity 

A heaven of elegance- Dunhill's Bourdon House

The ground floor- here you can find the traditional Dunhill off-the-beg and tailored ranges including leather goods like holdalls and tote bags.

One way to get the inimitable Dunhill luxury into your everyday live or the live of other men is acquiring the wonderful pens and lighters made famous by none the less but James Bond. But a more affordable way to taste the gentlemen's live is by getting or giving away a Dunhill fragrance. This is still the most affordable way off adding an exclusive touch to a men's outfit. Dunhill perfumes was founded 1995 and right now offers  very successful fragrances to the modern stylish man. Three of them I would like to introduce to you as an inspiration to spoil yourself or your loved ones:

First you can discover the brand through Dunhill London: the signature fragrance:
dunhill London- a charismatic modern fragrance 

dunhill London stands for the sophisticated masculine British attitude of London. It is a powerful, masculine, luxurious fragrance and has that fruity scent that will keep you fresh all time. 

As second choice for you is dunhill Pursuit: the fragrance of adventure 

dunhill Pursuit- a fragrance that inspires adventure 
dunhill Pursuit delivers and uncompromising masculinity and re-creates images of wild unknown landscapes and great adventures. It is a peppery scent with citrus and warm spices- sensual and seductive.

And as a third option you can find dunhill Black: the fragrance for the gentleman 

dunhill Black-  an unashamedly masculine fragrance 
dunhill Black plays with sensual and emotional contrasts. It is elegant yet rugged- soft yet strong. It is a woody aromatic fragrance yet interspersed with nettle which gives it a refreshing and up-lifting note.

Alfred Dunhill is just the company which caters for all the satorial needs and more the modern gentleman expects from a true global and modern yet traditional luxury brand

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