Friday, 7 October 2011


Times are changing for the Fashion Philosopher. I have started my work as Fashion Editor at Glassworks- Studios which I enjoy immensely ( have a look at to get an impression of me editing) The only problem is, as usual in the creative fashion world, that my financial situation has not changed. The ones who follow my blog a little know that I sold all my clothes to support my ' life of leisure' ( I disguised the sell out of my clothes as a philosophical question but in the end I needed some butter on the toast and electricity for the toast!) and now I am faced with the one big, outrages problem: I have nothing to wear.
As a Philosopher of Fashion I asked my self once again the question of the moment: how can accessories my ( what shall I call it?) my minimalistic(!?) male(!?) wardrobe with little means but yet with loads of creative inpact? or put in other words: What choices does the modern ( broke) gentleman has to bring a little bit excitement to a reduced sartorial state of wardrobe misery?

As 'godess Fate' is being good to me right now I received an mail from the new e-retailer introducing a new brand of neck wear accessories for the man about town which I immediately fell in love with ( and not only because of the really affordable prices...) the New York brand STNTN.

STNTN is a neck wear line created by husband and wife, Stanton and Rubi Jones. STNTN's debut collection is inspired by looks worn in the late 19th and early 20's centuries that they found while browsing the New York Public Library's photo archives.

Fashion illustrations 1890-1910

What I love about the product is not only of course, the brilliant idea to re- produce Edwardian neck wear for the modern day trendsetter but also every piece is crafted in New York from US-made organic fabrics and named of the year of that the inspiration photo was taken.
1919 Black 

1897 Black 
1897 Grey 

1910 White 
This is exactly what my wardrobe is screaming for! I have a couple of simple shirts left and STNTN's brilliantly uber-cool and yet traditionally sophisticated neck wear is what I need to subtly tranform them into a fashion statement. Wear it with shirt and jeans for a dressed down look or with a black suit for a more dandified look. With starting prices from around £ 36, it is a brilliant alternative to the more pricey neck wear designer brands like Marwood.

STNTN shows that innovation and tradition can create new and interesting products which can also support businesses locally.

STNTN is stocked at Pictures and inspiration for blog text taken from

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