Sunday, 18 September 2011


Yes, at the moment everything goes very quickly. Last week I was still living in my little dream world ( I managed to watch all 5 seasons from ' Six feet under' in a week!!) and now I have the work placement as Fashion Editor at glassworks-studios and partied with my friend fashion stylist and journalist Christine Bierhals in Rankin's photo studio at the Dazed & Confused party. I hope it will go on like this! Have also a look at our glassworks-studios tumblr page. I' m editing the pictures right to introduce the company to our customers:

They were filming and taking pictures during the party
My friend fashion stylist Christine Bierhals
The Fashion Philosopher is being naughty!

That's embarrassing, at least it was on my foot and did not hang out the back of my trousers. Actually I haven't been to the toilet at this time of the party. Ha hiii Ha ha ha!

Part of the wall's in Rankin's studio were used a gallery space for up-and -coming photographers


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