Sunday, 17 July 2011


Wool turn-up beanie and fake leather biker jacket ( both from the good old flea market) 

In the last few month, I discussed with a lot of friends and especially with fellow fashion blogger Brandon from Feigned Perfection, how we are consuming fashion- it's positive and negatives effects. I have a huge wardrobe with clothes, Helmut Lang vintage pieces, collection of shawls and shoes ( my favourite a pair of Gladiator sandals, bought 15 years ago from a Belgium designer. I loved them because they were so unusual, they looked like from a film set, and then 2 years ago, the fashion fad for the Gladiator sandals set in and now I can not see them anymore since everyone is wearing Roman Gladiator sandals!) and loads of jackets.. jewels, hats.... !!!
Actually suddenly about a month ago I was thinking, what would a fashion addict like I do if I start selling off all my clothes and live just with a small stable of let's say 10 pieces and a couple of shoes. What would I use to establish my individuality? Would I feel released or robbed? Free or boring. How much security does a collected wardrobe of 200 pieces of clothing give me? Would I dare to do it?
Actually I dared, I have been selling off all my clothes. Honestly 70% of my clothes went meanwhile and the last pieces will go too within the next weeks.
Clothes I cherished for years and years like a cream- coloured Joe Casely- Hayford jacket, I bought 1999 as I moved to London, since he was my favourite designer back than, or the above mentioned sandals. OK, my pair of Helmut Lang shoes, my first buy on my student credit card- I kept. I just can not sell them. But I reduced my wardrobe of as said 200 pieces to about 15 pieces. Mainly 2 pair of jeans, simple t-shirts. 4 pairs of shoes, 2 jackets and 3 jumpers. OK, I kept my hats and my shawls.

How do I feel? I feel good actually. I thought I would be much more anxious and regretful but- no. I do feel free somehow. I feel clean and actually more avant-garde than with all my clothes and choices before. I feel ready for new experiences and free to experiment with my style. I would also say I feel re-newed. I can start fresh again to collect or not collect. No, 20 years old pieces reminding my of the past- actually I do not think I want that? I am not an museum yet. My style belongs to the future not the past. I would say this kind of re-birth I will practice from now on every 10 years till the day I die.

Now, how do I express myself now for the time being? Just see below, what I look like at the moment! I decided to use my hair, some accessories  and my facial expression to ' style ' myself from now on! But to be honest even without my ' armour ' of clothes I still love fashion without limits. Not only the trends and the avant-garde, not also the art in fashion, fashion magazines, fashion books, fashion designers.... yes, once a fashion fanatic- always a fashion fanatic.

I love you all my friends! Raj, The Fashion Philosopher
Glasses from ASOS and necklace from India 

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